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Rungis and sustainable development

A natural alliance

Rungis :

  • Preserves the environment and fights pollution
  • Develops an ambitious human resources policy
  • Monitors the safety of our food
  • Provides a qualitative outlet for producers and resists standardization
  • Maintains and supplies an active, dynamic retail trade


Sustainable development is an integral part of any wholesale market for fresh food products :

  • As a large-scale infrastructure, it ensures that its activity guarantees our food safety
  • Irreplaceable as a supplier of food stores and the catering business, it participates in regional development and keeps retail shops in city centres.
  • It is the upstream link for food distribution, for which it ensures a qualitative outlet for productions, especially regional, niche productions with little promotion, and through large distribution circuits. In this way, it acts as a brake on standardization of the offer.
  • It plays a role in protecting the environment by fighting against pollution, recycling waste and introducing environment-friendly logistics solutions, such as reducing traffic and hence carbon emissions by concentrating flows, grouping deliveries to Ile-de-France and major towns.
  • It has an ambitious human resources policy, as Rungis Market represents a major labour pool with increasingly specific skill requirements